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Learn how to setup your DepthAI device, view tutorials, code samples, and more.

DepthAI is the embedded spatial AI platform that helps you build products with true real-time 3D object localization (think 3D object detection) and tracking. DepthAI offloads AI, depth vision and more - processed direct from built-in cameras - freeing your host to process application-specific data. Best of all, it is modular and MIT-licensed open source, affording adding these Spatial AI/CV super powers to real commercial products.

Setup your device

MegaAI | Tiny but Mighty
OAK-1 | megaAI - Tiny, Mighty

MegaAI is a tiny USB3 4K AI camera featuring 4K/30 h.265 encoding and powerful hardware accelerated ML/CV.

Raspberry Pi HAT
OAK-D | DepthAI Onboard Cameras

DepthAI for the host of your choice, with an onboard color camera module and global-shutter synchronized stereo pair.

USB3 | Modular Cameras
USB3 | Modular Cameras

DepthAI for the host of your choice, with modular cameras for easy integration onto/into your platform and custom stereo baselines.

System on Module
System on Module

Allows you to integrate the power of DepthAI into your own products.

Raspberry Pi Compute
Raspberry Pi Compute

Complete DepthAI system including Raspberry Pi Compute Module, microSD card pre-loaded with Raspbian 10 and DepthAI Python interface.

Depth + Color Camera ESP32 Board

DepthAI with a builtin ESP32. The ESP32 gives users access to a lightweight processor with useful features such as Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), and WiFi, and comes in a convenient FCC/CE-certified module.

Luxonis Github Repositories

Core Repositories


Here you’ll find Python bindings creating the Python API of DepthAI


Our core API written in C++


This repository contains shared data between our main firmware and depthai-core host library.


DepthAI ROS2 Wrapper. This is an attempt at basic DepthAI to ROS2| interface. It’s largely leveraging the existing depthai python demo on


API of the SPI protocol


DepthAI SPI Library


The depthai-bootloader-shared repository contains shared data between our bootloader firmware and depthai-core host library.


This repository contains Luxonis open sourced baseboards, and contains Altium design files, documentation, and pictures to help you understand more about the embedded hardware that powers DepthAI.

Tools / Docs Repositories


If you wan’t to contribute and update our docs, you can simply create a pull request.


DepthAI GUI is a WYSIWYG tool that allows to create a custom DepthAI pipelines, run them and see the results - all in one tool.


Here you can find repositories to help you connect your NN and create BLOBs.


This repo contains source code for tutorials published on


Web-based tool to convert model into MyriadX blob


Factory Calibration (WIP); This package contains two ROS workspace one is for depthai capture and calibration node and another is for Interbotix ViperX 300 Robot Arm 6DOF (KIT-VIPX300-6DOF) arm bot control using moveit.


This repository contains a Dockerfile, that allows you to run OpenVINO on DepthAI inside a Docker container.


This tool allows you to record the packets produced by DepthAI device into your disk and then play them back again as they would be produced normally - but without actually running the DepthAI


Utility to view and manipulate SBR binary images

Demo Repositories


This repo contains a demo application, which can load different networks, create pipelines, record video, etc. This program includes an example of depth & CNN inference and ready to use models.


ESP32 reference app for interfacing with DepthAI over SPI


CMake example project which serves as a template on how to quickly get started with C++ and depthai library

Experiments Repositories:


In this repository, you’ll find various experiments using DepthAI. You can use those examples as a basis or a reference in your application.


Application that allows user to report an incident when a person or a car will be detected in specified zone.

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