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  • Get Started with RAE
  • Power it on
  • Sign into Luxonis Hub
  • Connect RAE
  • Finishing up
  • Next steps

Luxonis Hub

Easily connect your RAE to Luxonis Hub and install the latest default app.

Advanced (manual)

Access the Linux based Luxonis OS and get full control of the robot's hardware.

Get Started with RAE

RAE (short for “Robotics Access for Everyone”) is a small desktop robot developed for evaluation of the Luxonis ecosystem and rapid prototyping of robotics applications. It is designed to be a low-cost, easy-to-use, and extensible platform.It’s built on top of the RVC3, which along with AI, CV, video encoding, and stereo depth features, also supports on-chip VIO and Sparse SLAM. rae is running ROS2 which handles path planning and navigation.This section is created as a guide for first-time users of RAE.

Power it on

Press the power button, which is located on the bottom side of the RAE, to turn it on

Sign into Luxonis Hub

Open and sign in using your email and password (if you don't have account simply register one for free).

Connect RAE

Now it's time to set up Luxonis Hub for RAE.In the Devices section on Luxonis Hub click on the Connect Robot buttonSelect RAEFill out the name and password for your WiFiPick up your powered-on RAE and point its main camera at the QR code on the screen.As soon as RAE manages to read the QR code it will display the network name.

Finishing up

Now your RAE is successfully connected to Luxonis Hub.

Connect to RAE

Now you have to switch RAEs internal WiFi for your local network.You can do this in two ways:a) WiFi
  • RAE will create a WiFi access point with the following credentials:
2Password: wifiwifi@
  • Open the WiFi settings on the device you are currently using and log into the AP with the provided credentials
  • You use SSH to directly access everything except the system which is write protected
  • Follow this guide on how to connect a linux system to wifi via the command line
b) USB-C
  • Plug RAE to your computer with the provided USB-C cable
  • Open your command line and connect to RAE through SSH with the provided credentials
1root@ (no password is required)
  • You can use SSH to directly access everything except the system which is write protected

Connect RAE to WiFi

Now that you are successfully connected to RAE it is time to make RAE connect to the local network.
  • Run the following command in your terminal to generate a passphrase for your network
  • When prompted enter your WiFi password
Command Line
1wpa_passphrase <WIFI_SSID>
  • The output should look simalar to this:
Command Line
2  ssid="<WIFI_SSID>"
3  #psk="<WIFI_PASSWORD>"
4  psk="<PASSPHRASE>"
  • Edit the content of /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf so that its credentials match your WiFi settings
Command Line
4    ssid="<WIFI_SSID>"
5    psk="<PASSPHRASE>"
  • It is also necessary to edit /etc/systemd/network/ so it contains the correct information
Command Line

Reboot RAE

After editing all the settings it is time to apply them and reboot RAE
  • Run the following commands on RAE
Command Line
1systemctl stop hostapd
2wpa_supplicant -B -i wlp1s0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
3systemctl restart systemd-networkd
  • If the connection to Luxonis Hub won't be necessary it is also recommended to to disable Agent
Command Line
1robothub-ctl stop
2robothub-ctl startup disable

Finishing up

Now your RAE is successfully setup.
RAE also has a local website for direct control. To access to it:
  • Find the IP address of RAE, this can be done for example with WiFiman
  • Copy and paste the https://<IP of RAE>:9010 into your preferred browser
  • Click on Control

Next steps

For more information on how to develop with the robot you can check out the Develop section.