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Vibration tolerance

In the industrial world, cameras need to be as tough as the environments they operate in. As some of our customers are using our cameras in harsh environments (eg. on heavy machinery), we have tested our cameras for vibration tolerance according to the EN 60068-2-6:2008 standard.We have tested the following cameras:
  • OAK-D Pro - indirectly also OAK-D S2, OAK-D Pro W, OAK-D W
  • OAK-D Pro PoE - indirectly also OAK-D S2 PoE, OAK-D W PoE, OAK-D Pro W PoE
  • OAK-D PoE
Indirectly meaning that the cameras are the same (electrically and mechanically), they just have different cameras equipped or added dot projector and flood LED.

Vibration Results

Vibration Results here. We have tested our cameras before and after the vibration stress test, to determine whether there is any degradation in the camera performance. We have tested these parameters:Camera Focus - checks if the focus (optics) of cameras have changed. PassedCamera Angles - checks if the camera angles have changed, has to be below 0.5°. PassedStereo Depth Accuracy - checks if stereo depth accuracy has changed (in mm accuracy). Passed

Vibration Report

Vibration Report here. Vibration stress tests have been performed by the SIQ, which is an independent third-party testing laboratory. As per the EN 60068-2-6:2008 standard, they have performed sinus vibration test from 5 Hz to 200 Hz at 1 octave per minute, with acceleration amplitude of 50 m/s^2, for all 3 axes separately (X, Y, Z).