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IMX214 is a rolling shutter color sensor.
Shutter typerolling
Sensor size1/3.06" ( 8.3mm)
Pixel size1.12 μm

RVC2 supported resolutions

Resolution name Resolution size Max FPS MIPI lanes Mode
THE_13_MP4208x3120304Full resolution
THE_1080_P1920x1080352Cropping (to 4K) then Binning

RVC2 driver limits

Sensor driver adds support for that sensor to the RVC2. Here are RVC2 driver specifications for this sensorPart of the ISP (Image Signal Processor) is also the 3A (Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance, Auto Focus) algorithm. They are enabled by default, but you can also disable them and manually set the exposure, gain, white balance, etc.

Manual limits

  • Min FPS: 0.73
  • Min exposure time: 6 μs
  • Max exposure time: 1 / CAM_FPS seconds. Eg. 33ms @ 30FPS

Auto limits

  • Min exposure time: 105 μs
  • Max exposure time: Depends on the Anti-Banding mode:
    • Anti-Banding mode OFF: 33 ms
    • Anti-Banding mode 50Hz: 30 ms
    • Anti-Banding mode 60Hz: 25 ms
Max AE exposure time depends on the Anti-Banding (AB) mode, which helps to avoid flickering when using artificial lighting. We can configure the AB using the API:
1cam = pipeline.create(dai.node.ColorCamera) # Or MonoCamera
2# "OFF", "MAINS_50_HZ", or "MAINS_60_HZ"