Device availability and EOL

We never EOL (End of Life) products. We have the same culture as Mini Circuits - who is the most respected RF component manufacturer in the world, because they never EOL anything.

How this is accomplished

The way Mini Circuits accomplishes this - and we do the same - is to be constantly releasing new/better products at a more competitive price point as previous products. This will result in current products being “outdated”.

We realize majority of people will buy the newer, pin-compatible version that is better, faster, cheaper, and generally more efficient. However, folks that absolutely need the exact version of an old product will still be able to buy it, as we will always offer it.

RVC2-based devices

In 2023, most of our products are RVC2 based, which utilizes Intel’s Myriad X VPU. The VPU itself will be in production at least until 2026, and we will be able to manufacture and sell RVC2-based devices until 2030. By then, we will have a few new generations of devices that will be better in all cases, and will be backwards compatible with the RVC2-based software.


Never “EOL-ing” anything has worked extremely well for Mini Circuits for decades and so far great for us as well. This is why we plan to have availability of all our devices indefinitely.

Got questions?

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