• Install Luxonis Hub Agent
  • Requirements
  • Hardware
  • Expected storage use
  • Installation of the agent
  • Uninstallation of the agent

Install Luxonis Hub Agent


The following operating systems are officially supported.
Operating system
Ubuntu (Desktop or Server)20.04, 22.04
Raspberry Pi OSany version


RAM / Memory
Minimum2 GB
Recommended4 - 8 GB
Development8+ GB

Expected storage use

Agent500 MB (2x to enable updates)
Average Application (docker image)500 MB - 2 GB
Average Application (source)<100 MB
Average Application (model)5 MB - 500 MB
Events (video /images/files)depends on use case

Installation of the agent

If your system meets requirements, to install the agent please follow guide on this page .

Uninstallation of the agent

To uninstall the agent please connect to the device via SSH run following code and reboot your system:
Command Line
1sudo robothub-uninstall
Requires root privileges