• What is Luxonis Hub?
  • Solving Complex Challenges
  • Under the hood
  • Agent
  • Cloud - Ingest and API
  • Cloud - Web UI
  • Your API Integration
  • Why Luxonis Hub?

What is Luxonis Hub?

Hub is Luxonis’ comprehensive cloud platform designed to transform how you deploy, manage, and scale your perception applications, particularly focusing on stereo perception combined with edge AI, using OAK cameras. With a focus on streamlining development and deployment processes, Luxonis Hub introduces a layered approach to managing your solutions, ensuring that you can concentrate on innovation and solving specific business challenges.

Solving Complex Challenges

Luxonis Hub addresses several complex challenges in deploying and managing perception solutions, enabling you to focus on your business idea or specific problem. These challenges include:
  • General Control/Monitoring: Collect and monitor the state of your deployed devices, with notifications for when devices go offline or malfunction, ensuring high reliability and uptime.
  • Video/Data Streaming: Effortlessly stream video or data from your camera to the frontend or any location on the internet. This feature simplifies the complexity of managing data flows, making it accessible and efficient, especially for applications requiring real-time stereo perception data.
  • App Distribution: Luxonis Hub makes app distribution reliable through containerization, ensuring that your applications run consistently on thousands of cameras just as they do in development. Fleet updates allow for remote updates to deployed cameras, while monitoring capabilities enable visibility into app performance and crash logs.

Under the hood

Luxonis Hub's architecture is built on three primary layers, each serving a critical role in the ecosystem:


The Agent is your starting point with Luxonis Hub. It seamlessly discovers OAK cameras connected to your network (or the computer in case of USB devices) and facilitates the deployment and execution of applications on them. This discovery mechanism ensures that your development and scaling processes are as straightforward as connecting a camera to the network/USB port.

Cloud - Ingest and API

At the heart of Luxonis Hub is the ingest backend and API, a robust infrastructure designed to maintain the current state of your cameras and the applications running on them. This centralized management system allows for real-time monitoring and control over your devices, ensuring that your fleet operates smoothly and efficiently.

Cloud - Web UI

For scenarios where custom integration isn't necessary, the frontend provides an intuitive interface to view the status of your cameras and applications. Here, you can install or upgrade applications with ease, offering a straightforward way to manage your devices without needing deep technical integration.

Your API Integration

Luxonis Hub is designed with flexibility in mind, enabling you to build your own product on top of our platform by utilizing only the components that match your needs. Whether you're aiming to develop a custom Web UI for your customers, showcasing video streams via the Luxonis Hub Streaming API, or creating a backend system for app updates, data collection, or issuing commands through the Distribution and Communication APIs, Luxonis Hub provides the necessary tools and infrastructure.This customizable integration approach allows you to maintain full control over your user experience and services, ensuring that you can leverage Luxonis Hub's capabilities without being fully dependent on Luxonis' cloud offerings. It empowers you to preserve your brand's identity while utilizing a powerful backend, making Luxonis Hub a versatile and adaptable foundation for your perception technology projects.

Why Luxonis Hub?

With Hub, Luxonis is eliminating the overhead associated with traditional perception solution deployments. Our platform empowers developers and businesses to deploy, manage, and scale their computer vision and stereo perception applications with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Whether you're monitoring a vast array of devices or streaming complex video data, Luxonis Hub provides the tools and infrastructure needed to succeed.Luxonis Hub isn't just a platform; it's a gateway to focusing on what truly matters – your innovative ideas and solving real-world problems. Start with Luxonis Hub today and redefine what's possible with perception technology.