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Understanding the core components and terminologies of Luxonis Hub is essential for effectively utilizing the platform. This page introduces several key concepts you'll encounter as you navigate and leverage Luxonis Hub for your edge AI applications.

Perception App

A Perception App is a specialized application designed to run on the Luxonis Hub Agent. These applications are primarily developed in Python and utilize the robothub library alongside depthai, enabling direct interaction with OAK cameras. The defining characteristic of Perception Apps is their containerization, ensuring a consistent environment across all deployments. This setup facilitates easy video streaming and event sending to the cloud, distinguishing them from standard scripts.


A Device refers to the physical or virtual machine where the Luxonis Hub Agent is installed. It serves as the operational core for your edge AI applications, providing detailed insights such as memory and disk usage, connected OAK cameras, and the status of installed apps. Key features include:
  • Visibility into which OAK cameras are accessible by the device.
  • Monitoring the state of installed Perception Apps.
  • Web Terminal access for effortless SSH connections to the host OS from any location, enhancing manageability and troubleshooting capabilities.

Luxonis Hub Agent

The Luxonis Hub Agent is a software service designed for installation on Linux computers. Once installed and connected to the cloud, it appears as a Robot within your team's web UI. Its primary functions include running Perception Apps and uploading data to the cloud, acting as the bridge between your local devices and Luxonis Hub's cloud infrastructure.


An Event is a transient data packet that can include text (such as name, tags, metadata), images, and/or videos. Events can be generated by Perception Apps at any moment, automatically uploaded, and processed in the cloud. Currently, events are stored indefinitely, offering manual deletion options. Future plans include additional behaviors for event management, such as custom storage solutions or real-time notifications to backend endpoints, providing more flexibility in how events are handled.Discover how to send events from your app
These concepts form the foundation of the Luxonis Hub ecosystem, designed to streamline the deployment and management of edge AI applications. By familiarizing yourself with these terms, you'll be better equipped to leverage Luxonis Hub's full potential, from app development to device management and beyond.