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Consumer Demographic & Sentiment Analysis


Application is designed to analyze customer behavior and sentiment within a physical space. It leverages advanced image processing techniques to provide valuable insights for businesses seeking to understand their customer base.Sentiment AnalysisThe application goes beyond simple object detection. It utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze facial expressions and body language, inferring the overall sentiment of customers within the monitored area.Customer DemographicsBy analyzing visual cues, the application can estimate the customer's gender and age range. This demographic data can be used to tailor e.g. marketing strategies.Mood DetectionIn addition to overall sentiment, the application may also attempt to detect specific moods, such as happiness, frustration, or confusion. This granular information can help businesses identify areas for improvement and enhance customer interactions.Crossing CounterThe application implements a crossing counter feature, which tracks the number of individuals entering or exiting a designated area. This data provides valuable insights into customer traffic patterns and footfall within the monitored space.Data Storage and Management OptionsThis application offers two primary options for storing the collected customer data: local storage and cloud Hub storage. Both options come with functionalities for automatic deletion of older data when storage reaches its defined capacity.

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