• Python SDK for Luxonis Hub Integration
  • RobotHub Framework

Python SDK for Luxonis Hub Integration

RobotHub Framework

1import robothub as rh
To create applications capable of interfacing with Luxonis Hub, establishing communication between your application and the Luxonis Hub Agent is essential. The robothub framework facilitates this by offering a suite of features designed to streamline the development process and enhance application functionality:
  • Application Management in Luxonis Hub: Organize and manage your applications directly within Luxonis Hub for efficient deployment and monitoring.
  • Live Video Streaming: Broadcast live video feeds complete with data overlays directly from your application to Luxonis Hub, enabling real-time visual insights.
  • Event Notifications: Send events packed with images, videos, and crucial data to Luxonis Hub. This feature allows you to capture significant moments and aggregate vital information effortlessly.
  • Front-End Communication: Seamlessly connect your application to its user interface, ensuring a smooth interaction between the backend operations and front-end displays.
  • Device Lifecycle Management: Maintain continuous connectivity for your OAK device, ensuring its operational readiness and prolonging its lifespan.
  • Local Development Environment: Leverage the flexibility to develop your application in a local environment that suits you best. After development, test your application with Luxonis Hub Studio, and upon satisfaction, proceed to publish your polished application.
This framework is designed to simplify the complexities of interfacing with Luxonis Hub, making it more accessible for developers to bring their innovative applications to life.