• Dot projector
  • AMS1.1
  • Laser Safety

Dot projector

Laser dot projector projects many small dots in front of the device, which helps with disparity matching, especially for low-visual-interest surfaces (blank surfaces with little to no texture), such as a wall or floor. The technique that we use is called ASV - conventional Active Stereo Vision - as stereo matching is performed on the device the same way as on OAK-D (passive stereo).On the image below there’s a blank wall with no texture. Without the dot projector, (passive) depth perception is poor. With the dot projector set to ~200mA, the (active) depth perception looks much better. If you look closely at the bottom left frame, you can see little dots all around the wall.


Ams Belago1.1 Dot-Pattern Infrared Illuminator

Number of dots
HFOI* 50%
78 ± 7%
VFOI* 50%
61° ± 7%
VSCEL wavelength
Operating temperature
10°C to ~60°C
Temperature absolute limits
0°C to ~80°C
FOI = Field of illumination. Also note that in datasheet, HFOI and VFOI are switched, that’s because we mount the Belago1.1 rotated as we want greater horizontal field, to match field of cameras.Regarding operating temperature; some customers use dot projector even at lower ambient temperatures, but first wait a few minutes for device to heat up (by running AI/CV/stereo depth…) so projector gets to above 0°C.

Laser Safety

  • Do not power on the product if any external damage was observed.
  • Do not attempt to open any portion of this laser product.
  • Invisible laser radiation when opened. Avoid direct exposure to the beam.
  • There are no user serviceable parts with this laser product.
  • Modification or service of the stereo module, specifically the infrared projector, may cause the emissions to exceed Class 1.
  • No magnifying optical elements, such as eye loupes and magnifiers, are allowed.
  • Do not try to update camera firmware that is not officially released for specific camera module and revision.