• USB deployment guide
  • Installing requirements
  • Connecting the USB device
  • Initial Connection
  • Debugging
  • Runtime
  • Debugging
  • Next Steps

USB deployment guide

OAK USB cameras use USB-C cable for both power and communication (data). They support either USB2 or USB3 (up to 10gbps) communication. OAK cameras are connected to a host computer.

Installing requirements

Follow instructions below to install DepthAI and its dependencies/requirements with an installer.
If you would like to avoid using installer and would prefer manually installing dependencies, requirements and DepthAI, see Manual DepthAI installation.

Connecting the USB device

You should use USB3 USB-C cable, as it suports higher bandwidth. Sometimes, you can power the device from the host computer, but it is recommended to use an external power supply.USB3 cable is colored blue in the inside of the USB-A connector of the USB-C cable. If it's not blue, it might be USB2 USB-C charging cable.

Initial Connection

DepthAI library will look for all available devices that are connected via USB. Once the device is found, it will send over the firmware, pipeline, and assets (like NN models), and start the pipeline.The best way to test your device is by running the DepthAI Viewer. It's a GUI application that allows you to easily evaluate the camera by visualizing its output in real-time. If it finds the device and starts streaming frames, then the connection is working properly.


If you are getting an error like RuntimeError: No available devices, it means that DepthAI couldn't find any connected device. Make sure that the camera is powered and connected to your computer via USB3 cable. See the tabs below for debugging steps.We recommend using the latest depthai version before any kind of troubleshooting.
Powering OAK cameras
Linux udev rules
Using USB2


After successfully connecting to the device and uploading the pipeline, the connection should be stable, there should be minimal latency (below 0.5sec), and the bandwidth should be about 2.5Gbps downlink (when using USB3).


See the debugging tabs below in case the application stops working or if the communication is slow.
Connection drop
Low speed / High latency

Next Steps

After successfully deploying the device, you can use the following resources to learn more about the software ecosystem (DepthAI):
  1. DepthAI Software docs
  2. DepthAI "Hello World"
  3. DepthAI code examples