megaAI 4K USB3 AI Camera



Use megaAI on your existing host. Since the AI/vision processing is done on the Myriad X, a typical desktop could handle tens of megaAIs plugged in (the effective limit is how many USB ports the host can handle).

And since megaAI can encode 1080p and 4K video (see here), you can now even save 4K video on a Pi Zero!


  • USB-Capable Host Running an Operation System capable of running OpenCV
    • Pre-built Python bindins are provided for Ubuntu 18.04 or Raspbian 10
    • Other operating systems are supported, see here
  • USB3C cable
  • USB2 or USB3 port on the host
  • A supported Python version on the host

What’s in the box?

  • Luxonis megaAI 4K USB3 AI Camera
  • USB3C cable (3 ft.)


Follow the steps below to setup your megaAI device.

Connect your host to the megaAI

Install the Python DepthAI API

See our instructions.

Run OpenVINO pre-trained models

See our tutorial

Train and run your own model

See our ML-training tutorial