Computer Vision

Our platform supports computer vision (CV) functions to be performed on the device itself. While you can’t run OpenCV, you can use many of its supported functions. With DepthAI pipeline builder you can:

  • Crop, rotate, warp/dewarp, mirror, flip, transform perspective, etc. with ImageManip node

  • Detect edges (Sobel filter) with EdgeDetector node

  • Detect and track features with FeatureTracker node

  • Track objects (Kalman filter, Hungarian algorithm) with ObjectTracker node. Out-of-the-box support for Yolo and MobileNet object detectors.

  • Perceive stereo depth (Census Tranform, Cost Matching and Aggregation) with StereoDepth node

If you would like to use any other CV functions, see Run your own CV functions on-device documentation on how to implement and run CV functions efficiently on the device’s hardware-accelerated blocks.

Some other CV examples:

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