• DepthAI ROS Driver visualization (ROS2)

DepthAI ROS Driver visualization (ROS2)

To visualize DepthAI ROS Driver data, we recommend using Foxglove Studio. It is a free tool that allows you to visualize ROS2 data in a web browser. The best way to get started is to follow the Foxglove Studio Quickstart.When using ROS2, the best way to inspect data is to load Foxglove bridge server to the same container that is running depthai_ros_driver node. To do that, you can either edit/create custom launch file that includes the bridge for each run or you can spawn the bridge server via command line using ROS service.
Command Line
1ros2 launch depthai_ros_driver camera.launch.py
In a separate terminal:
Command Line
1ros2 component load /oak_container foxglove_bridge foxglove_bridge::FoxgloveBridge