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DepthAI Viewer

DepthAI Viewer is a GUI application that allows you to easily evaluate the camera by visualizing its output in real-time.DepthAI Viewer is the visualization tool for DepthAI and OAK cameras. It’s a GUI application that will run a demo app by default, which will visualize all streams and run inference on the device. It also allows you to change the configuration of the device. When application starting it is discovering all avalible cameras - USB and PoE.To install and run the DepthAI Viewer, run the following commands in the terminal:
Command Line
1# Install DepthAI Viewer
2python3 -m pip install depthai-viewer
When the installation process finishes, just start the application:
Command Line
1# Run the DepthAI Viewer
2python3 -m depthai_viewer
First step is to choose the camera. Then on the right panel are the configuration options. Some options may not be avalible for specific models. E.g. OAK-1 cameras does not support depth vision.There are three types of configurations. The first is the configuration for the video feed. You can choose the resolution and FPS for every camera module detected.AI Settings allows you to choose which AI model will be used and which camera stream will be used for detections.Depth Settings contains a detailed configuration of stereo depth perception.