Yolo detection network node is very similar to NeuralNetwork (in fact it extends it). The only difference is that this node is specifically for the (tiny) Yolo V3/V4 NN and it decodes the result of the NN on device. This means that Out of this node is not a NNData (a byte array) but a ImgDetections that can easily be used in your code.

How to place it

pipeline = dai.Pipeline()
yoloDet = pipeline.create(dai.node.YoloDetectionNetwork)
dai::Pipeline pipeline;
auto yoloDet = pipeline.create<dai::node::YoloDetectionNetwork>();

Inputs and Outputs

            │                   │       out
            │                   ├───────────►
            │     Yolo          │
            │     Detection     │
input       │     Network       │ passthrough
            │                   │

Message types


pipeline = dai.Pipeline()
yoloDet = pipeline.create(dai.node.YoloDetectionNetwork)

# Yolo specific parameters
yoloDet.setAnchors(np.array([10,14, 23,27, 37,58, 81,82, 135,169, 344,319]))
yoloDet.setAnchorMasks({"side26": np.array([1, 2, 3]), "side13": np.array([3, 4, 5])})
dai::Pipeline pipeline;
auto yoloDet = pipeline.create<dai::node::YoloDetectionNetwork>();

// yolo specific parameters
yoloDet->setAnchors({10, 14, 23, 27, 37, 58, 81, 82, 135, 169, 344, 319});
yoloDet->setAnchorMasks({{"side13", {3, 4, 5}}, {"side26", {1, 2, 3}}});

Examples of functionality


class depthai.node.YoloDetectionNetwork

YoloDetectionNetwork node. Parses Yolo results

class Connection

Connection between an Input and Output

class Id

Node identificator. Unique for every node on a single Pipeline


alias of depthai.DetectionNetworkProperties

getAssetManager(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. getAssetManager(self: depthai.Node) -> depthai.AssetManager

Get node AssetManager as a const reference

  1. getAssetManager(self: depthai.Node) -> depthai.AssetManager

Get node AssetManager as a const reference

getInputRefs(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. getInputRefs(self: depthai.Node) -> List[depthai.Node.Input]

Retrieves reference to node inputs

  1. getInputRefs(self: depthai.Node) -> List[depthai.Node.Input]

Retrieves reference to node inputs

getInputs(self: depthai.Node) → List[depthai.Node.Input]

Retrieves all nodes inputs

getName(self: depthai.Node)str

Retrieves nodes name

getNumInferenceThreads(self: depthai.node.NeuralNetwork)int

How many inference threads will be used to run the network


Number of threads, 0, 1 or 2. Zero means AUTO

getOutputRefs(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. getOutputRefs(self: depthai.Node) -> List[depthai.Node.Output]

Retrieves reference to node outputs

  1. getOutputRefs(self: depthai.Node) -> List[depthai.Node.Output]

Retrieves reference to node outputs

getOutputs(self: depthai.Node) → List[depthai.Node.Output]

Retrieves all nodes outputs

getParentPipeline(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. getParentPipeline(self: depthai.Node) -> depthai.Pipeline

  2. getParentPipeline(self: depthai.Node) -> depthai.Pipeline

property id

Id of node

property input

Input message with data to be infered upon Default queue is blocking with size 5

property out

Outputs ImgDetections message that carries parsed detection results.

property passthrough

Passthrough message on which the inference was performed.

Suitable for when input queue is set to non-blocking behavior.

setAnchorMasks(self: depthai.node.YoloDetectionNetwork, anchorMasks: Dict[str, List[int]])None

Set anchor masks

setAnchors(self: depthai.node.YoloDetectionNetwork, anchors: List[float])None

Set anchors

setBlobPath(self: depthai.node.NeuralNetwork, path: object)None

Load network blob into assets and use once pipeline is started.

Throws if file doesn’t exist or isn’t a valid network blob.

Parameter path:

Path to network blob

setConfidenceThreshold(self: depthai.node.DetectionNetwork, thresh: float)None

Specifies confidence threshold at which to filter the rest of the detections.

Parameter thresh:

Detection confidence must be greater than specified threshold to be added to the list

setCoordinateSize(self: depthai.node.YoloDetectionNetwork, coordinates: int)None

Set coordianate size

setIouThreshold(self: depthai.node.YoloDetectionNetwork, thresh: float)None

Set Iou threshold

setNumClasses(self: depthai.node.YoloDetectionNetwork, numClasses: int)None

Set num classes

setNumInferenceThreads(self: depthai.node.NeuralNetwork, numThreads: int)None

How many threads should the node use to run the network.

Parameter numThreads:

Number of threads to dedicate to this node

setNumNCEPerInferenceThread(self: depthai.node.NeuralNetwork, numNCEPerThread: int)None

How many Neural Compute Engines should a single thread use for inference

Parameter numNCEPerThread:

Number of NCE per thread

setNumPoolFrames(self: depthai.node.NeuralNetwork, numFrames: int)None

Specifies how many frames will be avilable in the pool

Parameter numFrames:

How many frames will pool have

class dai::node::YoloDetectionNetwork : public dai::node::DetectionNetwork

YoloDetectionNetwork node. Parses Yolo results.

Public Functions

YoloDetectionNetwork(const std::shared_ptr<PipelineImpl> &par, int64_t nodeId)
void setNumClasses(const int numClasses)

Set num classes.

void setCoordinateSize(const int coordinates)

Set coordianate size.

void setAnchors(std::vector<float> anchors)

Set anchors.

void setAnchorMasks(std::map<std::string, std::vector<int>> anchorMasks)

Set anchor masks.

void setIouThreshold(float thresh)

Set Iou threshold.

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