How to maximize FOV

By default, when you are using preview output from ColorCamera, the DepthAI will crop the frames to get the desired aspect ratio. For example, if you are using Mobilenet-SSD model, you need 300x300 frames. DepthAI will crop 1080P frames to 1080x1080 and then resize them to 300x300. This means you will lose some part of the image.

If you would like to maximize the FOV of the image, you can either:

  1. Change the aspect ratio (stretch the image)

  2. Apply letterboxing to the image

Change aspect ratio

Use camRgb.setPreviewKeepAspectRatio(False). This means the aspect ratio will not be preserved and the image will be “stretched”. This might be problematic for some off-the-shelf NN models, so model fine-tuning it might be required. Usage example here.


Letterboxing the frames. This method will decrease the size of the image and apply “black bars” above and below the image, so the aspect ratio is preserved. You can achieve this by using ImageManip with manip.setResizeThumbnail(x,y) (for Mobilenet x=300,y=300). The downside of using this method is that your actual image will be smaller, so some features might not be preserved, which can mean the NN accuracy could decrease. Usage example here.