• What are Perception Apps?
  • How Perception Apps Work
  • Development
  • Deployment

What are Perception Apps?

Perception Apps are a cornerstone of the Luxonis Hub ecosystem, enabling developers to deploy and manage sophisticated perception and AI applications across a fleet of devices. These applications, specifically designed to run on the Luxonis Hub Agent, leverage the power of OAK cameras to provide advanced perception capabilities. Written primarily in Python and utilizing the robothub library in conjunction with depthai, Perception Apps offer a streamlined path from development to deployment, emphasizing ease of use, scalability, and reliability.

How Perception Apps Work

Perception Apps integrate seamlessly into the Luxonis Hub platform, following a lifecycle that transitions from development to deployment and operation. Here's how it works:


Developers write Perception Apps using Python, taking advantage of the robothub library to interact with the cloud and depthai for camera operations. These apps are containerized, ensuring a consistent execution environment across all devices. This containerization is crucial for maintaining app stability and compatibility, regardless of the deployment scale.


Once a Perception App is developed, the developer uploads it to Luxonis Hub. This process includes creating a new app entry in the platform and uploading the containerized app package. Luxonis Hub maintains a list/history of versions for each app, allowing for easy management and version control.