Robotics Vision Core 3

Robotics Vision Core 3 (RVC3 in short) is the third generation of our RVC. OAK Series 3 devices are built on top of the RVC3.

RVC3 encapsulates three main components:

  • DepthAI features that are fine-tuned for the particular SoC

  • A performant SoC and all its support circuitry (HS PCB layout, power delivery network, efficient heat dissipation, etc.)

  • Out-of-the-box connectivity with Robothub, our cloud platform, which allows for an end-to-end integration of the perception stack.

RVC3 Performance

Power consumption

The RVC3 itself has a maximum power consumption of about 8W, which is mainly consumed by the SoC, Movidius Keem Bay, that is integrated inside the RVC3.

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