• Compact Camera Modules (CCMs)
  • Different CCMs
  • Replacing CCMs
  • Large volume
  • DIY approach
  • Removing old CCMs
  • Attaching new CCMs

Compact Camera Modules (CCMs)

Here's the list of already built Compact Camera Modules (CCMs) by Arducam.
Name Sensor Resolution FoV (D/H/V) Focus Type Sensor Type
PY047IMX2144208x3120@3081˚ / 69˚ / 54˚autoColor
PY062IMX2144208x3120@3081˚ / 69˚ / 54˚fixedColor
PY061IMX2144208x3120@30117˚ / 105˚ / 88˚fixedColor
PY011IMX3784056x3040@3081˚ / 69˚ / 55˚autoColor
PY004IMX3784056x3040@3078˚ / 66˚ / 54˚autoColor
PY052IMX3784056x3040@3082˚ / 69˚ / 55˚fixedColor
PY060IMX3784056x3040@30120˚ / 108˚ / 93˚fixedColor
PY090IMX5774056x3040159˚ / 129˚ / 93˚fixedColor
PY080IMX5824000x3000@3071˚ / 45˚ / 55˚autoColor
PY101IMX5824000x3000@3071˚ / 45˚ / 55˚autoColor
PY010OV92821280x800@6081˚ / 72˚ / 49˚fixedMonochrome
PY003OV92821280x800@6089.5˚ / 80˚ / 55˚fixedMonochrome
PY044OV92821280x800@6089.5˚ / 80˚ / 55˚fixedMonochrome
PY091-F69-9282OV92821280x800@6089.5˚ / 80˚ / 55˚fixedMonochrome
PY059OV92821280x800@60150˚ / 127˚ / 79.5˚fixedMonochrome
PY075WNOV92821280x800@60150˚ / 127˚ / 79.5˚fixedMonochrome
PY097W-F69-9282OV92821280x800@60150˚ / 127˚ / 79.5˚fixedMonochrome
PY074OV97821280x800@6089.5˚ / 80˚ / 55˚fixedColor
PY058OV97821280x800@60150˚ / 127˚ / 79.5˚fixedColor
PY139WOV97821280x800@60150˚ / 127˚ / 79.5˚fixedColor
PY138WIMX2144208x3120@30117˚ / 105˚ / 88˚fixedColor
PY013OV7251640x480@9986˚ / 73˚ / 58˚fixedMonochrome
PY089OV7251640x480@99166˚ / 163˚ / 157˚fixedMonochrome
PY078 + M25360H06SAR02341920x1200@60100˚ / 82˚ / 56˚fixedColor
PY056AR02341920x1200@6089.5˚ / 80˚ / 55˚fixedColor
PY186-9782OV97821280x800@6089.5˚ / 80˚ / 55˚fixedMonochrome
PY137OV92821280x800@60150˚ / 127˚ / 79.5˚fixedMonochrome
PY154IMX4621920x108095˚ / 84˚ / 45˚fixedColor
NFOV = Normal FOV, WFOV = Wide FOV. NoIR = No IR filter, IR = IR filter. FF = Fixed-Focus, AF = Auto-Focus.

Different CCMs

For majority of our cameras, we use CCMs that have Arducam's short FPC connector. This means that you can replace the camera module with any other CCM that we support.Example: On your OAK-D Pro one could replace the central color camera (IMX378 by default) to a higher-resolution color camera (IMX582, 32MP sensor).Few things to note:
  • M12 mount: Camera modules that support M12 mount lenses are too large to fit into our standard OAK cameras (except OAK-D LR, which has 3x M12 mount AR0234)
  • FOV: OAK cameras have a front enclosure/glass designed for a specific FOV. If you'd want to replace a normal FOV camera (eg. 80HFOV) with a wide FOV camera (eg. 120HFOV), from glass would likely need to be replaced as well
  • Procurement: We don't sell CCMs separately on our shop, so you'd need to get them from Arducam (shop here) or other suppliers

Replacing CCMs

There are 3 options of changing CCMs on OAK cameras:
  • Large volume - Custom manufacturing batch of OAK camera product with a selected CCM from the listed above.
  • Small volume - We can change CCMs for you. Please purchase Customization Coupon alongside the device you wish to customize.
  • DIY approach - You can change CCMs yourself.

Large volume

Luxonis offers custom manufacturing of OAK camera products with a selected CCM from the listed above. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for a custom manufacturing batch is 100 units. Typical lead time for a custom manufacturing batch is between 8 to 12 weeks. Please send an email to if that's of interest.

DIY approach

Note that after replacing the CCM you'd want to recalibrate the device, both for intrinsics/distortion model of the new CCM, and extrinsics of all cameras because opening/closing the device might have changed the relative position (by a tiny bit) of the cameras.

Removing old CCMs

Removing CCM is a bit tricky. The best option is to put some acetone or IPA (isopropyl alcohol) around the CCM to soften the glue. After that, a scalpel or any other similar sharp/thin tool should be used slicing the camera off of the PCB, by cutting the glue in between the CCM and PCB. Be careful to not use too much force, as CCM can easily brake.

Attaching new CCMs

This step is much easier. First connect the FPC cable to the FPC connector, and press the connector down. Then apply some super glue (cyanoacrylate glue) to the back of the CCM, and press it down to the PCB. Be careful to not use too much glue, as it can leak between the contacts of the FPC connector and prevent the connection/contact.