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  • Camera characteristics
  • Sensor size
  • Mono(chrome) and color sensor
  • Low light performcance

Supported sensors

On RVC2, the firmware has to have sensor configuration in order to support the given camera sensor. Currently, we support sensor configurations out-of-the-box (in firmware) for the camera sensors listed below.
Name Resolution Sensor Type Size Max FPS
IMX3784056x3040color1/2.3" (11.0 mm)85 (@ 2024×1520)
OV92821280x800mono1/4" (6.3 mm)120 (@ 640x400)
IMX2144208x3120color1/3.06" (8.3 mm)35 (@ 1920x1080)
OV7251640x480mono1/7.5" (3.4 mm)117 (@ 640x400)
IMX4774056x3040color1/2.3" (11.0 mm)60 (@ 1920x1080)
OV97821280x800color1/4" (6.3 mm)120 (@ 640x400)
AR02341920x1200color1/2.6" (9.8 mm)60 (@ 1920x1200)
IMX5825312x6000color1/1.2" (21.2 mm)42 (@ 3840x2160)
IMX4621920x1080color1/2.8" (9.1 mm)30 (@ 1920x1080)
IMX5774056x3040color1/2.3" (11.0 mm)60 (@ 1920x1080)

Other sensors

Driver/tuning available but not yet tested/integrated:
IMX334Not testedrolling3840x2160
IMX390Not testedrolling1937x1217
IMX412Not testedrolling4056x3040
SC2232HNot testedrolling1936x1086
OV2735Not testedrolling1920x1080
SC5335Not testedrolling2592x1944
SC8238Not testedrolling3840x2160
Interested in a "Not tested" sensor, or a sensor not listed above? Please send an email to

Camera characteristics

Sensor size

Sensor size is the length of the diagonal of the sensor. The larger sensors can capture more light and can consequently produce better image quality: better low light performance and higher resolution.

Mono(chrome) and color sensor

Mono sensors caputre light intensity information without any color information. They measure the amount of light falling in each pixel and produce black-and-white images.Color sensors capture color information using a color filter array (CFA). Color filter array is a grid of red, green and blue filters, which are placed over the sensor's pixels, as seen in the image below. Depending on which color filter is placed over a specific pixel, only the light of that color's wavelengths gets through the filter and is captured by the sensor at that pixel posiotion.After that, the color information is interpolated, so that the final image consists of the red, green and blue (RGB) color information at each pixel position.If we have an image with the size 1920x1200 pixels, the whole information of the image would be saved in an array with the size 1920x1200x3, as each pixel would consist of the red, green and blue color information.

Low light performcance

The lowlight performance of the monochrome sensors is in general superior compared to the color sensors. This is a consequence of a color filter array, which filters out some of the incoming light in the color sensors. As the result, less light reaches the color sensors, compared to the mono sensors. In low light conditions this can be crucial, which is why mono sensors can be prefered in such environments.On the image below we compared low-light performance of a few sensors (from left to right, top to bottom: OV7251, OV9282, AR0234, IMX214, IMX378, IMX462, IMX582).You can view full images on You can view full images on gdrive here.