OAK on drones

Our amazing community has created several OAK on drones projects:

  • Team QuetzalC++ (OpenCV AI comp) - Warehouse inspection with autonomous drones - video

  • Team CVAR-U.P.Madrid (OpenCV AI comp) - Researching the autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) solution for catastrophic situations - video

  • Team QUTEagles (OpenCV AI comp) - Drone-based biosignatures detection system for planetary exploration - video

  • Augmented Startups built a gesture controlled drone and has 3-part tutorial on YouTube - video

  • @FPSychotic on discord - Simple ArduPilot avoidance demo with OAK-D - video

To use OAK devices with systems like PX4 or ArduPilot, one would need to develop integration of our devices/hardware with such systems.

Here are a couple of examples of PX4 sensors that could be interfaced by ESP32/other MCU and communicated to OAK to get needed data or trigger a certain action:

For additonal useful information about OAK on drones projects you can check out our #drone channel on our Discord server.

Camera vibration

Camera vibrations can be a big challenge in applications such as drones, especially for color cameras that doesn’t have fixed lens. To decrease the camera vibrations, we suggest firmly mounting the device on the drone. One could also consider adding shock absorption rubbers (eg. these) to decreate the vibrations. AugmentedStartup has also designed an OAK-1 anti-vibration mount for his drone project:

Vibration damping mount

We are also planning on adding EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) feature to the OAK - you can read more about it on our Roadmap.

Got questions?

We’re always happy to help with code or other questions you might have.