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Y-adapter is used to supply power to OAK cameras through USB-C connector. Note that in most cases, host computer is able to provide enough current (>1A) and you don’t need a Y-adapter. Y-adapter is only needed in cases where host is not able to provide enough current:

  • For Pro versions (OAK-D Pro, OAK-D Pro PoE), where IR LED and dot projector can draw up to 1A alone

  • In case you are using small SBC like Raspberry Pi, and OAK camera isn’t the only USB device that’s drawing power

Older (pre-2022) versions of OAK cameras have power barrel jack for supplying power (instead of the Y-adapter), while newer OAK cameras only have USB-C connector - which is why we engineered the Y-adapter.

Getting started

  1. Connect host computer to the Y-adapter’s USB-C data port via USB-C cable

  2. Connect 5V voltage (eg. standard USB wall charger) to the Y-adapter’s USB-C power port via USB-C cable

  3. Insert Y-adapter to the OAK device via USB-C connector

Dimensions and Weight

Weight: 5g

3D Models

  • Board STEP files here

  • Enclosure STEP files here


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