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rae (short for “Robotics Access for Everyone”) is a small desktop robot developed for evaluation of the DepthAI ecosystem and rapid prototyping of robotics applications. It is designed to be a low-cost, easy-to-use, and extensible platform. It was brought to life by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

It’s built on top of the RVC3, which along with AI, CV, video encoding, and stereo depth features, also supports on-chip VIO and Sparse SLAM. rae is running ROS2 which handles path planning and navigation.

Specification overview

  • Uses RVC3 for the computation with 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC storage

  • Front side sensors: 2x OV9782 wide FOV, 1x IMX214 (color)

  • Back side sensors: 2x OV9782 wide FOV

  • IMU: BMI270 6-axis IMU

  • Wheels: 2x GM12F-N20VAV DC motors with Hall sensor wheel encoders

  • Connectivity: Either USB-C (on the side of the robot) or WiFi (AP)

  • Battery: 5000mAh Li-Ion, about 1 hour of runtime

  • Microphone array: 6x I2S MEMS microphones, 60Hz - 20kHz

  • Speaker: 1W, 100Hz - 20kHz

  • Display: RGB TFT, diagonal 0.96”, 80X160 pixels

Camera Specs


Stereo pair / Color


IMX214 (color, PY138)

OV9782 (color, PY139)


117° / 105° / 88°

150° / 128° / 80°

Rectified Depth FOV


106° / 97° / 70°


13MP (4208x3120)

1MP (1280x800)


FF: 60cm - ∞

FF: 18cm - ∞

Max Framerate

60 FPS

120 FPS


2.2 ±5%

2 ±5%

Lens size

1/3 inch

1/4 inch

Effective Focal Length



Pixel size

1.55µm x 1.55µm

3µm x 3µm

RVC3 inside

This OAK device is built on top of the RVC3. Main features:

Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 125 mm

  • Length: 125 mm

  • Height: 32 mm

  • Weight: 400g


Hardware specifications

  • Utilizes OAK-SoM MAX (OAK-SoM-Max-1 configuration)

  • Wireless card: Intel 9260 (via PCIe M.2)

  • Accessory USB-C (on top) works as USB3.0 host, so you can connect USB devices to it

  • USB-C charging port (on the side) is USB2, while Accessory USB-C (on top) is USB3

  • LED ring (around the bottom): 10 LEDs per side, in total 40 LEDs individually addressable via WS2812 protocol

Stereo depth perception

This OAK camera has a baseline of 7.5cm - the distance between the left and the right stereo camera. Minimal and maximal depth perception (MinZ and Max) depends on camera FOV, resolution, and baseline- more information here.

Extended means that StereoDepth node has Extended disparity mode enabled.

Getting started

Press the power button, which is located on the bottom side of the rae, to turn it on. Press the power button twice to shut it down.

Deploying apps via RobotHub

RobotHub is our cloud control platform, allowing users to connect easily to our devices. You can just scan the QR code (generated for you), and the rae will connect to our cloud platform through your WiFi. This will allow users to easily deploy pre-made apps, such as Follow-Me, Floor/3D Mapping, Sentry Mode, etc. with a click of a button. As RobotHub frontend is mobile-native, these apps (their frontend control part) will also work on mobile devices and will be open-source, so users will be able to build their solutions on top of them. See the documentation here on how to connect the rae to the RobotHub.

Direct connection

Besides deploying apps (docker containers with scripts inside) via RobotHub, one can also connect to the rae directly via SSH, and control the robot that way. This path is more suited for developers who don’t mind diving deep into the perception, navigation, and ROS logic. The best path to get started would be through with the rae-ros Github repository.

Default IP address is To connect to the RVC3 via SSH, run:

ssh [email protected]
# No password is needed.

rae will create WiFi access point by default, with the following settings:

  • SSID: rae-<ID>

  • Password: wifiwifi@

After connecting to its AP, rae’s IP is You can connect to it and SSH into rae:

ssh [email protected]
# No password is needed.

Running NN on rae

Documentation here Dev Blobconverter here: https://dev-blobconverter.luxonis.com/

Upload files to RAE

# If you use MAC you may need to use -O option to enable file transfers with scp
scp <file> [email protected]:/<path>

System partition is Read-Only. /data and /home are Read/Write.

Firmware update

Log into RAE and run:

mender -install <link_to_firmware> ; reboot

You can check the version of the OS by running:

cat /etc/os-release


Press the power button for 8s for a hard shutdown. You can factory reset rae by holding the reset button (with a pin) for 10s. Factory reset will remove everything from /data and all user changes made to /etc and /var.

3D Models

3D models - STEP/STL of the enclosure and the PCBA - can be found here


Got questions?

Head over to Discussion Forum for technical support or any other questions you might have.