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The OAK-FFC-pToF is a carrier board for the Sunny MTP006 pTOF camera module, and is designed to be compatible with OAK-FFC-3P, OAK-FFC-4P, and DepthAI RPi HAT baseboards. It’s currenty in beta stage so you have to use a custom version of the depthai library to communicate with this FFC module, more information below at Getting started.

Getting started

To get started with OAK-FFC-pToF, you first need to install the correct version: checkout to branch tof_rgb_mono in depthai-python and execute python3 examples/install_requirements.py. After installing the library, you can run the cam_test.py demo by executing python3 tests/cam_test.py.

It shows colorized depth by default, and you can add -tofcm argument for the pixels to show a value in centimeters (capped to 255). This allows you to easily check depth from an OpenCV window, as it’s displayed in the bottom-left corner when hovering with the mouse.

The out output of the ToF node sends ImgFrame message of 224x172 size, and the data type is U16 - depth in millimeters.

Sensor specifications



ToF Sensor

Sunny MTP006



Depth range

20cm - 4m

Depth accuracy

20cm-40cm: Error below 2%, 40cm-4m: Error below 1%


70.7° ± 5%


55.9° ± 5%


44.0° ± 5%

VSCEL wavelength


Operating temperature

-20°C to ~85°C


2.85mm ± 5%

F Number


TV distortion

< 7.3%

Sensor demo


Board Layout and Dimensions


Key features

  • 26 pin 0.5mm FFC interconnect to baseboard

  • 30 pin interface to MTP006 camera module

  • 2-lane MIPI

  • Aux/Control signals to camera module

  • 3.3V power input via FFC

  • On-board power generation for camera module

  • Design files produced with Altium Designer 21

  • FFC connector 0.5mm pitch,

3D Models

  • Board STEP files here