Sony’s IMX214 is a 13MP (4208x3120) rolling shutter color image sensor. It’s used as the color camera in OAK Lite variants; OAK-D-Lite and OAK-1 Lite.

Supported resolutions

Supported sensor resolution by depthai






30 FPS



30 FPS


3840 x 2160

30 FPS



35 FPS

FFC compatibility

With OAK FFC boards you can easily evaluate different sensors and optics, as you can connect FFC camera boards to any OAK FFC baseboard (OAK-FFC-4P, OAK-FFC-3P) via a flexible cable. FFC camera boards are carrier boards for the CCM (additional information below), so it can easily be connected to any OAK FFC baseboard. The following FFC camera boards contain this sensor:




From left to right: OAK-FFC-214 FF, OAK-FFC-214 AF

Sensor CCMs

Compact camera modules (CCMs) can be integrated directly into a custom product. CCMs are used in the final camera product. CCMs vary in optics and FPC connector. The following CCMs have been built using this sensor:

  • Arducam short FPC:

    • NFOV AF (PY047) - 81° DFOV, 69° HFOV, 54° VFOV, EFL: 3.37, F. NO: 2.2±5%, Distortion: < 1%, Lens Size: 1/3.1”

    • NFOV FF (PY062) - 81° DFOV, 69° HFOV, 54° VFOV, EFL: 3.37, F. NO: 2.2±5%, Distortion: < 1%, Lens Size: 1/3.1”

    • WFOV FF (PY061) - 117° DFOV, 105° HFOV, 88° VFOV, EFL: 2.26, F. NO: 2.2±5%, Distortion: < 11%, Lens Size: 1/3.1”

Image quality comparison

Here’s an image comparison between different image sensors captured from OAK-FFC-3P. For more information, see Improving Image Quality docs.

IMX214 (13MP color sensor), IMX378 (12MP color sensor), LCM48 (48MP color sensor)


Click on the image for the unencoded full-resolution sensor comparison image. Note that these images are about 8x digitally zoomed, and you can find full-resolution uncropped frames here (300 MB). Image specifications: Grocery items are at 4m, 33LUX, senstivity 100ISO. Images were taken at 200ms,300ms,400ms,500ms exposure and combined with an HDR script (on the host). OAK Series 3 cameras will have native HDR support on the camera itself.

Additional images


From left to right: Arducam short FPC NFOV FF IMX214 on the OAK-D-Lite

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