The OAK-FFC-OV9282 is a carrier board for the Sunny TG161B or AN01V32 OV9282 camera module, and is designed to be compatible with the DepthAI RPi HAT Baseboard and OAK-FFC-3P-OG baseboards. A 20-pin FFC is used to carry 5V power, 2-lane MIPI, I2C, and other control signals between the OAK-FFC-OV9282 and the controller baseboards. A single OAK-FFC-OV9282 is typically paired with another to create a stereo camera pair.

Board Layout and Dimensions

../_images/BG0250TG_R0M0E0_dims.jpg ../_images/BG0250TG_R0M0E0_diag.jpg

Key features

  • 20 pin 0.5mm FFC interconnect to baseboard

  • 24 pin interface to OV9282 camera module

  • 2-lane MIPI

  • Aux/Control signals to camera module

  • 5V power input via FFC

  • On-board power generation for camera module

  • Design files produced with Altium Designer 20

Getting started

Camera module compatibility is known for the Sunny TG161B and AN01V32, but not tested for other modules. The FFC interface is an 0.5mm pitch, 20-pin, and bottom-contact connector, across which travels the 2-lane MIPI, 5V, I2C, camera clock, camera reset, and other optional control lines. 5V power is regulated down and filtered as appropriate to meet the requirements of the compact camera module and OV9282.

Altium Design Files

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3D Models

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