The OAK-1-PCBA (BK1096) baseboard offers a quick and simple way to add USB3 Type-C device power and connectivity, and a single 12MP RGB camera module to the DepthAI SoM.

This is the open-source equivalent of OAK-1 (BW1093, megaAI) which uses the OAK-SoM (BW1099 System on Module). The OAK-1 itself cannot be open-sourced because it contains proprietary chip-down vendor information and therefore cannot be shared publicly.

Board Layout and Dimensions

../_images/BK1096_R0M0E0_cs_annotation.jpg ../_images/BK1096_R0M0E0_dims.jpg

Key features

  • Support 12MP RGB camera module

  • Interface for Luxonis BW1099 SoM

  • USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C data and power

  • USB device power LED indicators

  • AUX 5V connector

  • Access to SoM 1.8V I2C and UART

  • Design files produced with Altium Designer 20


Getting started

The OAK-1-PCBA is designed to be powered from the USB Type-C connector. With the OAK-FFC-IMX378 camera and the OAK-SoM running inference, power consumption is typically about 3W (0.6A @ 5V).

The reset button resets the OAK-SoM only.

The OUT1 and OUT2 LEDs indicate USB Type-C current mode. See datasheet for TUSB321RWBR Port Control device for more details.

Altium Design Files

See here

3D Models

  • Board STEP files here

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