Raspberry Pi HQ Cam Adapter Board (BW0253_R0M0E0)



The BW0253_R0M0E0 is an adapter board to allow the Raspberry Pi HQ camera to physically interface to the DepthAI RGB camera port on the BW1098FFC.

This allows using DepthAI with all sorts of lens combinations, including variable zoom, variable focus, and even with a telescope.


Key features

  • Onboard 5V to 3.3V regulation

  • Level shifting of DepthAI 1.8V-native IO to 3.3V-native RPI IO

  • Same board outline size as RPI cam v2

Getting started

Attach 0.5mm, 26 circuit, same-side contact FFC between DepthAI and BW0253_R0M0E0. Use the standard RPI FFC which is included with the RPI cameras.

See a video here

Altium project files

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3D Models

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