RaspberryPi Adapter Camera

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The RaspberryPi Adapter Camera (BW0253_R0M0E0) is an adapter board to allow the Raspberry Pi HQ camera to physically interface to the DepthAI RGB camera port on the OAK-FFC-3P-OG.

This allows using DepthAI with all sorts of lens combinations, including variable zoom, variable focus, and even with a telescope.

General information

  • Onboard 5V to 3.3V regulation

  • Level shifting of DepthAI 1.8V-native IO to 3.3V-native RPI IO

  • Same board outline size as RPI cam v2

Getting started

Attach 0.5mm, 26 circuit, same-side contact FFC between DepthAI and BW0253_R0M0E0. Use the standard RPI FFC which is included with the RPI cameras.

See a video here

3D Models

  • Board STEP files here


Got questions?

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