DepthAI Design with Onboard ESP32 for WiFi and BT (BW1092)



This design is one of two baseboards for the DepthAI: System on Module (SoM) - Embedded Variant (BW1099EMB). To read more on the why of this design, see here and here.

Key features

This design will serves as a reference for multiple purposes:

  • How to use the BW1099EMB with microcontrollers over SPI

  • How to connect DepthAI as an IoT device to AWS-IoT

  • How to use DepthAI without an OS-capable host processor (e.g. with an embedded microcontroller like the ESP32)

  • How to use DepthAI with WiFi and BT

  • First prototype of DepthAI with an integrated IMU (BNO085)


Altium project files

See files here

3D Models

Download here

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