This design is one of two baseboards for the OAK-SoM-IoT (BW1099EMB). If you are new to OAK IOT devices, you can check Getting started with OAK IOT devices tutorial. To read more on the why of this design, see here and here.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 60 mm

  • Height: 45 mm

  • Length: 25 mm (including the SoM)

  • Weight: 45.5g (total), 20g (PCBA), 25.5g (SoM with heatsink)


Key features

This design will serve as a reference for multiple purposes:

  • How to use the BW1099EMB with microcontrollers over SPI

  • How to connect DepthAI as an IoT device to AWS-IoT

  • How to use DepthAI without an OS-capable host processor (e.g. with an embedded microcontroller like the ESP32)

  • How to use DepthAI with WiFi and Bluetooth

  • Prototype of DepthAI with an integrated IMU


Minimal and maximal perceiving distances of the camera

Minimal depth perceiving distance of the camera depends on mono camera FOV, resolution, baseline and stereo depth mode, more info is available on the Stereo Depth documentation.

OAK-D-IOT-40 has a baseline of 4cm and by varying the resolution and stereo depth mode, we get the following minimal depth perceiving distances:

  • Min distance (800P): ~ 37cm

  • Min distance (400P): ~ 19.6cm

  • Min distance with extended disparity (800P): ~ 19.6cm

  • Min distance with extended disparity (400P): ~ 19.6cm

Maximal perceiving distance for OAK-D-IoT-40: 21 meters

For more information about the maximum distance see the Stereo Depth documentation.

Getting started

The OAK-D-IoT-40 accepts power input from 5V barrel jack and it can also accept power from USB C connector. Booting can be accomplished from either the ESP32 or NOR flash on the BW1099EMB, boot selection is configured on BW1099EMB with BOOT resistors.

  • The reset button resets the Luxonis DepthAI BW1099EMB SoM only.

  • The 5V LED indicates 5V power is present on the DM1092.

  • The PG LED indicates “power good” from the DepthAI BW1099EMB SoM.

  • The “RUN” LED indicates that the DepthAI SoM is not reset.


Altium Design Files

See files here

3D Models

  • Board STEP files here

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