OAK IoT series is now community supported only, and is provided as-is. This means we most likely won’t update it and we don’t provide support for it (Discord, forums, email…).

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The OAK-D-IoT-75 baseboard has three on-board cameras which implement stereo and RGB vision, piped directly into the OAK-SoM-IoT for depth and AI processing. The data can be then output to a host via USB 3.1 Gen1 (Type-C) or via ESP32 WiFi interface. If you are new to OAK IOT devices, you can check Getting started with OAK IoT devices tutorial.

This design is one of two baseboards for the OAK-SoM-IoT, the other one being OAK-D-IOT-40. The only difference is the the stereo baseline distance and the shape/size of the OAK camera.

Hardware specifications

This OAK camera uses USB-C cable for communication and power. It supports both USB2 and USB3 (5Gbps / 10Gbps).

Camera module specifications

You can select either FF or AF color camera, more information here.

Camera Specs

Color camera

Stereo pair


IMX378 (PY004 AF, PY052 FF)

OV9282 (PY003)


81° / 69° / 55°

89° / 80° / 55°


12MP (4056x3040)

1MP (1280x800)


AF: 8cm - ∞, FF: 50cm - ∞

FF: 19.6cm - ∞

Max Framerate

60 FPS

120 FPS


1.8 ±5%

2.0 ±5%

Lens size

1/2.3 inch

1/4 inch

Effective Focal Length



Pixel size

1.55µm x 1.55µm

3µm x 3µm

RVC2 inside

This OAK device is built on top of the RVC2. Main features:

Dimensions and Weight

Weight: 89g total (with enclosure), 49g PCBA & SOM only


Stereo depth perception

This OAK camera has a baseline of 7.5cm - the distance between the left and the right stereo camera. Minimal and maximal depth perception (MinZ and Max) depends on camera FOV, resolution, and baseline- more information here.

Extended means that StereoDepth node has Extended disparity mode enabled.

Getting started

OAK-D-IoT-75 Integrates ESP32-WROOM-32D (Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz) and in terms of power consumption the device accepts 5V (+/-10%) from a 5.5m x 2.5mm barrel jack or via USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C

Interfacing with the OAK-SoM-IoT is also possible with DM1098OBC_WiFi connector pads J5, and J6. These pads are designed for the Molex/53047-0810 or equivalent. Please refer to the schematics for pinout information.

The reset button resets the OAK-SoM-IoT only.

The 5V LED indicates 5V power is present on the DM1098OBC. The PG LED indicates “power good” from the OAK-SoM-IoT. The “RUN” LED indicates that the OAK-SoM-IoT is not in reset.

Here is an example how to connect to the wifi and creates a basic http file server.


3D Models

  • Board STEP files here

  • Enclosure STEP files here


Got questions?

Head over to Discussion Forum for technical support or any other questions you might have.