ArduCam Cameras



ArduCam has built a series of M12-capable and C/CS-capable camera boards that work with OAK devices. A variety of M12-mount options allow to match lenses in many projects.


  • Stereo camera: 3g (6g in total)

  • Color camera: 4g

Arducam compatible cameras

These cameras are compatible with the OAK-FFC-3P:

Some of these have M12 mount, so you can use a variety of different lenses (for custom FoV), for example:

Replacement stereo cameras for OAK-D

  • Compact Camera Module (CCM) Fish-Eye OV9282 (for better SLAM) here

  • Mechanical, Optical, and Electrical equivalent OV9282 module with visible and IR capability here

  • Global-Shutter Color Camera (OV9782) with same intrinsics as OV9282 grayscale here

  • C/CS-Mount IMX283 (1” diagonal sensor, which is huge) here is in progress.

Got questions?

We’re always happy to help with code or other questions you might have.