ArduCam Cameras



ArduCam has built a series of M12-capable and C/CS-capable camera boards that work with OAK cameras. A variety of M12-mount options allow to match lenses in many projects.

Arducam compatible cameras

These cameras are compatible with OAK-FFC-3P, OAK-FFC-4P, and DepthAI RPi HAT:

Some of these have M12 mount, so you can use a variety of different lenses (for custom FoV), for example:

M12 selectable FOV

Tests were done using 2x OAK-FFC-IMX477-M12 and two different M12 lenses: 20° FOV and 190° FOV one.


Side-by-side comparison of narrow and wide FOV M12 lenses on OAK-FFC-IMX477-M12


Test setup from birds view

Replacement stereo cameras for OAK-D-PCBA

The cameras below are compatible with the OAK-D-PCBA. Due to the use of adhesives to affix the cameras in the assembled OAK-D, it is difficult to replace them. Attempting to remove the cameras can cause damage to both the cameras and the PCB.

The best and easiest way to remove the old Compact Camera Modules (CCM) from the PCBA is to apply a small amount of acetone or IPA (isopropyl alcohol) around the CCM to soften the permanent glue. After that, a scalpel or any other similar tool should be used slicing the camera off of the PCB, by cutting the glue in between the CCM and PCB.

  • Compact Camera Module (CCM) Fish-Eye OV9282 (for better SLAM) here

  • Mechanical, Optical, and Electrical equivalent OV9282 module with visible and IR capability here

  • Global-Shutter Color Camera (OV9782) with same intrinsics as OV9282 grayscale here

  • C/CS-Mount IMX283 (1” diagonal sensor, which is huge) here is in progress.

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